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Technical Know How

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We have put together a few sections on some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to take a look around, we hope it will answer any questions you may have regarding calculating impedance, enclosure design, power cable requirements and more. Remember, your system's performance is only as good as its installation. Correct installation will maximize the system's overall performance - if in any doubt seek professional assistance and/or installation.      
Amplifier Safety 

Looking for some Hard Hitting Bass?

Did you know the enclosure size is just as important as the DB Drive high performance subwoofers? Check out the enclosure design section to learn how to calculate enclose volume to properly match the enclosure size to the subwoofers.  
Subwoofer Enclosures

Ohms, Ohms, Ohms
Are you getting maximum power out of your amplifier? Did you know that you can increase the output of most amplifiers with a two ohm load? Did you also know there are different wiring configurations to get to the desired net impedance? We have put together a quick reference impedance chart for your quick overview. 
Which way to wire - series or parallel ?  

Current Equals Power

Selecting the power and ground wire size is an important part of the amplifier's performance. Heavier gauge wire delivers more current and less resistance. Check out our recommended wire size chart based on the system's current draw and length of wire needed. 
Establishing The Current Capabilities 

What goes with what ?

Download this useful guide showing what speakers should be used with each model of amplifier.
Amplifier application guide

The information above is in PDF format - ensure that you have a PDF reader installed on your PC/MAC etc